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The decisions you make today will shape your future. It is important to know what the law says about your critical issues and to receive the right advice to act in your own best interests. Your unique circumstances, needs and concerns are the starting points in any legal issue when Brian D. Williams, Attorney at Law, provides the advice and guidance you are looking for.

With an academic background in accounting and economics and professional experience as an accountant, Mr. Williams brings a strong awareness of the financial and tax issues involved in a variety of legal matters. Check out our practice areas.

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Harris County attorney Brian D. Williams is dedicated to offering real help to his clients no matter how challenging the circumstances.

With more than 39 years of experience, he knows how to create individually tailored solutions that provide his clients with real hope and real help. He knows that his clients are self-reliant people who do not ask for help lightly. He is honored to be able to help his clients through whatever difficult times they face, including issues of family law, bankruptcy, tax and probate.

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The Texas Bar College is an honorary society consisting of attorneys who are among the best trained attorneys in Texas. A qualified member must be interested in improved training for all Texas attorneys and high ethical standards. Historically, only about eight percent of the licensed attorneys in Texas meet the requirements for membership in the College of the State Bar of Texas. The motto of the College is: "Professionalism Through Education."