Learn About Linda Williams

The Extraordinary Assistant

Brian Williams knows the law, and his wife/assistant, Linda Williams, knows people. Linda is a registered nurse with a specialty in psychiatry and helps prepare clients for court hearings so they can provide the best possible testimony before a judge and/or jury. "A good testimony is one given with ease and relaxation," Linda explains. "Clients cannot do that if they are stressed and anxiety-ridden. They become intimidated by the process and the unknown, and that state of mind doesn't help them or their case."

Linda tells clients what to expect in the way of questions from opposing counsel or the judge. Her even-keel approach to court proceedings helps to soothe clients and relieve their anxiety. In addition, while Brian makes his case before a judge using legal terminology, Linda accompanies clients to all court proceedings and explains what is happening and translates the legalese into layperson language.

Prior to joining Brian in his legal practice, Linda worked for over 12 years as a psychiatric nurse in Houston. She has also worked as a neonatal-ICU nurse and as a medical-surgical nurse.

To reach Linda, call us at 832-717-0678 or send us an email.