Is Bankruptcy Right For You?

Make no mistake: Bankruptcy is not a be-all and end-all perfect solution for struggling debtors. Some bankruptcy attorneys may lead you to believe this. You may even mistakenly assume that Brian D. Williams, a Houston area bankruptcy attorney, will advise you this way. That is not how this law firm works. When you consult with Mr. Williams, you can count on direct, honest advice suitable to your unique circumstances. If bankruptcy is a bad idea or unnecessary in your case, you will understand why after discussing your situation with him.

Pros And Cons Of Bankruptcy

If, on the other hand, declaring bankruptcy appears to be your best option for confronting burdensome debts, you will understand the challenges associated with it and how to deal with them. Yes, your credit reports are likely to show evidence of bankruptcy for 10 years. However, you are still likely to receive credit offers from credit card companies, car dealers and more. If you pursue Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy with the help of Brian D. Williams, Attorney at Law, in Spring, you will emerge from the experience knowing how to take advantage of your fresh start and rebuild your credit.

With an academic and professional background in accounting, Mr. Williams has a great deal of experience translating complex financial issues into terms people can easily understand. Clients preparing to file bankruptcy appreciate his clear, straightforward guidance.

Will Bankruptcy Ruin Your Finances? In A Word: No.

Some people worry about the stigma of a bankruptcy record on their credit reports if they file bankruptcy. They ask about other ways to tackle debts and repair credit without filing bankruptcy. In fact, we have found bankruptcy to be one of the fastest and most effective ways for consumers with excessive debt to get a fresh start and rebuild credit. However, we never push clients to file bankruptcy. Texas attorney Brian D. Williams carefully evaluates each person's circumstances.

Understand the opportunities of each available option, and move forward to bankruptcy or another approach to debt relief with confidence, capably guided by an experienced attorney.

Note: Some Debts From Before Bankruptcy May Remain Afterward — Make It A Priority To Take Care Of These!

Every person's financial status is unique so it is not possible to describe your particular financial picture on a website. Depending on the particulars of your case, you may have some debts remaining after bankruptcy. Credit card debts, medical debts and other debts will most likely be wiped out and you will have the chance to start over financially. However, you may elect to reaffirm some key debts, such as your mortgage and auto loan. You may also need to tie up financial loose ends such as making a plan to catch up on back child support and back taxes.

Nonetheless, bankruptcy may give you a fresh opportunity to discover a new way of life, with much or all consumer debt eliminated or under control.

Learn How The Bankruptcy Process May Bring The Debt Relief You Seek

Ask us about bankruptcy and bankruptcy alternatives and you will get straight answers appropriate for your situation. Call 832-717-0678 or send an email message to request an initial consultation at a nominal fee, at your earliest convenience.

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