Bankruptcy FAQs

Bring your questions about bankruptcy to the attention of attorney Brian D. Williams in Spring, Texas. Examples of questions past clients have often asked include:

Is bankruptcy a sign of failure — something to be ashamed of?

The U.S. Constitution mentions bankruptcy as an avenue for overwhelmed debtors in our nation. Many illustrious — and ordinary — Americans have taken advantage of the legal provisions of bankruptcy. Some have gone on to achieve great things. Your burdensome debt may have come about through no fault of your own. Even if you made mistakes that led to bankruptcy, this does not mean you have no right to a fresh start through a perfectly legal path.

Will my credit be ruined if I file bankruptcy?

Most people who reach the point of considering bankruptcy already have compromised credit. Even if you barely make minimum payments on your credit card balances and other debts, your credit is strained if you are at or near your credit limits. It may take years to dig out if you try to pay off your debts as you have been trying to do so far. Bankruptcy, on the other hand, may put you on a fast track to rebuilding your credit, assuming you make wise financial choices after receiving your discharge.

Will I lose all my property if I file bankruptcy?

State and federal bankruptcy exemptions allow debtors to keep certain assets. In practice, most bankruptcy filers keep most or all personal property. A review of your assets and debts will allow a bankruptcy attorney to predict a likely answer to this question.

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