IRS Issues In Bankruptcy: What About Back Taxes?

Few things frighten more Americans more often than the agency named with three little letters: IRS. It is true that the IRS has the ability to take aggressive collection actions against people owing back taxes. An audit, an investigation or asset seizure is a clear indicator that tax debt has gotten out of hand and tax litigation may become inevitable. (The IRS may sue you. In some cases, you may have cause to sue the IRS).

Any significant unresolved IRS tax debt is a sign it's time to talk to an attorney. Texas attorney Brian D. Williams, with his academic and professional background in accounting — including tax preparation services — has the knowledge and credentials needed to guide you effectively through resolution of IRS problems.

Know Your Rights, Know Your Obligations, Know Your Options

If you are behind on taxes, you may have other financial problems that have led you to consider filing bankruptcy. You may have heard that most taxes cannot be discharged through bankruptcy, a perfectly legal debt relief option. In fact, however, Chapter 13 bankruptcy often helps debtors to pay back taxes manageably, often at a fraction of the total debt.

Other ways of handling IRS debt besides Chapter 13 bankruptcy include installment payment plan agreements and offers in compromise (OIC). If a divorce is in the picture and one spouse was responsible for the tax debt, the other spouse may have an "innocent spouse" pathway out of trouble.

Get The Straight Scoop About IRS Disputes And Debt Relief Options

IRS issues in bankruptcy may seem complex and frightening, but many people have survived such ordeals and started over with new hope of achieving financial equilibrium. Brian D. Williams' years of experience are an asset for clients of this law firm who struggle with debt problems such as back taxes owed to the IRS.

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