Stop Creditor Harassment: Phone Calls, Threatening Letters And Collection Activities

Overwhelming debt is worrisome enough, but when creditor harassment occurs on top of it, the stress can be great on the struggling debtor. Are you caught in a debt trap because of any of the following?

  • Medical expenses
  • Overuse of credit cards
  • An accident, injury or illness
  • A natural disaster such as a storm, flood or fire
  • A divorce or death in the family
  • A job loss, demotion or business downturn

Whatever has caused you to fall behind on debt payments, you have no doubt stretched your imagination to find ways to pay and get back on track. You may have sold things, taken extra jobs, gotten extra loans from family members or cashed in savings bonds.

When Debt Collection Efforts Rob You Of Your Peace Of Mind

Whatever you have tried, it has not been enough and now creditors and debt collectors are hounding you. They may be calling you at all hours at home and at work. They may be illegally asking friends and neighbors for information about you. You may worry about your reputation on the job if your financial troubles become common knowledge.

Creditors may have threatened you with repossession, wage garnishment, bank account levies or lawsuits. They may have carried out some of these threats. You may have received a notice of a judgment against you or worry that you may miss a notice and go to jail.

Stop Creditor Harassment! Call An Attorney Who Can Really Help.

Debt relief attorney Brian D. Williams in Spring, Texas, urges you not to wait until the situation gets desperate enough to worry that you may lose your home or suffer other serious consequences. Request a consultation to discuss your options. If you decide to hire the firm to handle your bankruptcy, once you put down a deposit on your bankruptcy fees, you can tell any creditors or debt collectors who call that you have a attorney. They must then stop calling you, stop writing to you and stop sending you bills.

Get the full story about Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy or other ways to confront your unmanageable debt head on. Call 832-717-0678 or send an email inquiry and request an initial consultation. We pledge to respond and get the dialogue going promptly. Your defense against creditor harassment may be just around the corner.

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