Adoption: Stepparent Adoptions - Adoption Of Minors Or Adults

Adoption occurs under many circumstances. Does your anticipated adoption resemble any of these?

  • A young couple with fertility problems finds an expectant mother and together, they agree on an adoption plan. Termination of the father's parental rights may or may not be easy to obtain.
  • A single adult or married couple have adopted a child in China, Guatemala or another country and now seek to adopt the child in the United States.
  • A grandparent, aunt, uncle, sister or brother has been caring for a child because the parents have died, are in prison, struggle with disability, drug addiction or mental illness or are otherwise unavailable. The caregiver family member and the child have bonded and that loving adult seeks legal status as a parent through guardianship or adoption.
  • A stepchild whose father or mother did not want to give up parental rights becomes legally old enough to decide for himself or herself to be adopted by a stepfather or stepmother. The stepchild and stepparent are eager to legalize their longstanding family relationship through adoption.
  • A same-sex couple has married and the two are parenting a child together. One is the biological parent and the other wishes to adopt as a second parent.

Whatever your family makeup and whatever events led to your desire to adopt a son or daughter in Texas, attorney Brian D. Williams in Spring, Texas, is available to advise and assist you. He takes great care to avoid any shortcuts that could backfire and lead to a reversible adoption. Clients of Brian D. Williams, Attorney at Law, appreciate the reassurance that all family law matters are properly completed for the sake of a successful and secure adoption.

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