When You Are Facing Double Trouble Of Bankruptcy And Divorce

Either divorce or bankruptcy may seem like the end of the world until you face the challenge with solid legal advice and a smart plan for starting over fresh. Managing both bankruptcy and divorce close together is especially daunting and requires careful planning. Attorney Brian D. Williams in Spring, Texas, is particularly well-suited to advise you in such cases due to his background in accounting and economics, his years of experience as a family law and bankruptcy attorney and his attention to detail.

First Things First — And The Big Picture

Critical questions to answer as you approach bankruptcy and divorce include these:

  • Is your spouse cooperative with the prospect of bankruptcy for debt relief?
  • Should both of you file bankruptcy or just one?
  • How should you time your bankruptcy and divorce? Go through bankruptcy and then divorce or the other way around? Timing can make a great difference in the ultimate financial big picture. What if you can't wait? How will bankruptcy during divorce affect property division?
  • How will you pay attorneys' fees and other costs involved in a divorce (such as preparing to sell your house if necessary) without incurring debts that could delay your ability to file bankruptcy?

As overwhelming as these issues may seem, Brian D. Williams has helped many other individuals and couples through similar family law challenges. A thorough initial consultation is the first step to discovering the right answers in your case. Whether your spouse is on board with bankruptcy or not and whether you believe your divorce is contested or uncontested, the sooner you get the advice you need, the more options you will have for good outcomes.

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