Arriving At Fair Child Support Agreements

Whether you are the parent who will pay child support or the parent who will receive it while caring for children most of the time after a divorce or separation, fairness matters to you. If you are paying, you want the payments to be manageable, given your income. If you are receiving child support, you need enough to be able to pay the rent, buy the groceries and otherwise provide a stable home for your children.

Your Attorney Can Help Ensure That Your Child Support Order Is On Target

A knowledgeable, compassionate and efficient child support attorney will make sure you know your rights, advocate for you and your children's best interests, and bring your case to a workable conclusion. Family law attorney Brian D. Williams has helped many parents understand and resolve this vexing issue affecting families with divorced or separated parents.

How Child Support Amounts Are Determined

In Texas as in other states, a state-provided formula spells out the process of calculating child support. The dollar amount that one parent will pay the other depends on factors such as the income of each parent, the amount of time the child will be with each parent and other indicators of need on one hand and ability to pay on the other hand. Your family law attorney can help ensure that income is accurately reported and that calculations are correct and verifiable. Health care and child care costs may also figure into the total.

As a former accountant with an undergraduate degree in accounting and economics, Brian D. Williams brings a depth of knowledge to the task of guiding parents who are likely to pay or receive child support.

What About Special Needs, Orthodontics And Summer Camp?

An autistic child, a child with cerebral palsy, a child with developmental delays or a child with learning disabilities may need special services such as tutoring or therapy. This may be true of a dependent, disabled adult child as well as a minor child. Allowance for special needs such as these may figure into a child support order. Other financial matters related to children, such as financing of summer camp, will not be part of a child support order, but parents may negotiate around these issues in connection with property division during a divorce.

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