Is Spousal Support Likely To Be Part Of Your Divorce Settlement?

The concept of spousal support goes back to a time when dependency in a marriage was the norm. When wives stayed home and had many children, they often gave up the opportunity to pursue careers and develop their own means of support. A separation or divorce, then, meant that spousal support or alimony was expected.

In today's world, it is much more common for both spouses to work. Spousal maintenance is less often part of a divorce settlement. In fact, family law courts tend to discourage it unless there are factors dictating a real need such as a long-term marriage or a disabled spouse. The vast majority of spousal support orders in Texas come about because a previously dependent spouse has compelling obstacles to self-supportability.

In cases where one spouse has perhaps worked to put the other through medical school or otherwise made sacrifices for the sake of the other's career, a divorce settlement may allot 401(k) savings accounts, pensions or other investments to that spouse through property division as opposed to requiring monthly support payments. Tax considerations sometimes determine the smartest way overall to achieve equity in property division or spousal support when one spouse has been dependent for years and does not have a career to fall back on.

A former accountant with an academic degree in accounting and economics, attorney Brian D. Williams in Spring, Harris County, Texas, is well-prepared to advise parties to divorce who may pay or receive spousal support.

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