Enforcement Of Child Support, Spousal Support And Other Court Orders

It is one thing to obtain a court order and quite another to ensure that another person carries through on that order. Especially when your ability to care for your children is at risk, enforcement of a child support order can present challenges. What are your options if your child's father or mother is not paying child support as ordered?

Request a thorough review of the facts by attorney Brian D. Williams in Spring, Texas, to get closer to resolution of this or any family law enforcement issue such as:

  • Child custody enforcement: Is the other parent failing to pick up or deliver the child according to the schedule in the court order? If he or she is not following through, what are your chances of getting a revised child custody order that will bring greater predictability to your life and your child's life?
  • Spousal support enforcement: Are you struggling to get by financially because your ex-husband or ex-wife is not paying spousal support as ordered?
  • Property division enforcement: What if your spouse was directed to sell the family home and divide the proceeds and a long time has gone by and the house is still not on the market? Seek legal advice on how to bring a contempt action or otherwise enforce compliance.

As in all family law matters at Brian D. Williams, Attorney at Law, a detailed examination of the court order and records of what has transpired so far is important. Attorney Brian Williams' background in accounting and economics is helpful in many such cases as he scrutinizes situations until he finds opportunities for resolution.

For Help Enforcing Divorce Decrees And Child Custody And Support Orders In Texas, Contact Brian D. Williams

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