Experienced Spring, TX Divorce Attorney

Divorce means more than just ending your marriage. It means a transition for your family and a new way of moving forward for those you love most.

Often, divorce is the beginning of the next chapter of life. But getting off to a fresh start is not always easy. It requires the support and guidance of an experienced family law attorney. Brian D. Williams, Attorney at Law, can help.

Brian pays special attention to unique aspects of each of his cases. He knows that the division of assets in a "gray divorce" for people over age 50 is different from a divorce for a couple in their early 30s who have young children.

He is also able to assist with situations that are similar to divorce, but that require a different skill set and knowledge, such as legal separation or annulment.

Spring, TX Divorce Attorney Provides Guidance with Child Custody and Child Support Issues

Issues related to children are some of the most sensitive and volatile in a divorce. These issues often set off legal minefields and cause families to wind up in court. Your love of your child – and your obligation to support your child - does not end when a marriage or domestic partnership dissolves.

Parents should be focused on their children's well-being, but so often these matters spiral out of control. Securing a child custody agreement that recognizes your rights as a parent and puts your child’s needs firsts is one of the most important factors in a divorce. Financial support levels must be appropriate and allow both parents to maintain financially stable households while they also provide for the needs of their children.

A Spring, TX divorce attorney can help you make sure all of these issues are addressed, that you are treated fairly, and that your child’s best interests remain at the forefront of the divorce proceedings. If you want someone who understands the delicate nature of child custody and child support in divorce, contact Brian Williams to discuss your case.

Contact an Experienced Spring, TX Divorce Attorney to Help with Ending Your Marriage

Brian Williams is a former accountant with a strong academic background in accounting and economics. This means he understands many of the financial issues divorcing couples struggle with that might not be a priority for other divorce lawyers. Brian offers each and every client value in a variety of legal practice areas related to the end of a marriage, including custody, support, finances, bankruptcy, and property division.

Divorce can be one of the most challenging things you will ever go through. Having a skilled family law attorney guide you through the process can help you manage the legal aspects with minimal chances for conflict to escalate. And when a dispute is inevitable, Brian will keep you informed of your rights and advocate on your behalf in settlement negotiations, in mediation, or at trial. For more information or to speak to Brian, contact 832-717-0678.