Advice And Guidance Establishing Guardianship

For a Texas attorney to practice in the area of guardianship, he or she must be certified through the state bar. Mr. Brian D. Williams has taken the required courses and proven qualified to handle guardianship for both adults and children.

Under state law, guardianship is considered a last resort for adults. There are often other options for managing the affairs of an adult who is in poor physical or mental health. Therefore, if you call Mr. Williams to discuss guardianship of your disabled brother or elderly parent, he will thoroughly review all facts to determine whether other remedies may apply, such as powers of attorney.

Guardianship for children cared for by adults other than their parents is also a frequent topic of inquiry from grandparents in particular. A custody or visitation order may be more appropriate. In the case of a fully responsible grandparent, adoption may be the best choice.

After reviewing alternatives, if it seems that guardianship is right for your family member or someone outside the family whom you care for, Brian D. Williams can prepare a petition for guardianship confirming that all criteria are met.

Guardianship Happens Through Probate Court; Conservatorship Happens Through Family Court

There is no substitute for an experienced family law attorney and probate law attorney when you are considering a step such as a child custody order, guardianship, conservatorship or relative adoption to provide sound legal footing to a care-giving relationship. Brian D. Williams, Attorney at Law, can direct you and represent you through whatever legal processes and whichever court pertains to your situation.

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