Life Management Tools For Texans

Do you want to make a plan now that protects your interests and the future interests of your family? Certain types of life management tools can help you with several important decisions, including:

  • Designating how your assets will be distributed
  • Appointing someone to care for your minor child if you are no longer able to do so
  • Outlining your end-of-life preferences if you are no longer able to communicate due to illness or injury

For more than 39 years, Brian D. Williams, Attorney at Law, has been providing skilled legal representation to families in the Harris County area. From his office in Spring, Texas, he helps clients prepare the following documents:

  • Wills: A will outlines an individual's wishes regarding asset distribution, which will be carried out upon his or her death.
  • Trusts: A trust is a type of legal document that is able to hold property, manage property and distribute property. There are many types of trusts offering a variety of benefits.
  • Powers of attorney: When one person is designated as a power of attorney over another, he or she has the ability and responsibility to act on behalf of that individual in certain financial, legal and other matters. These are not the same as legal guardianships.
  • Living wills: A living will documents an individual's wishes in regard to medical treatment and end-of-life care if that individual is unable to make decisions due to incapacitation.

There may be additional tools available to help you meet your needs and goals. Talk to Brian D. Williams to learn what options may be right for you now and after the death of a loved one during the probate and estate administration process.

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