Consider Your Options To Stop Foreclosures And Repossession

First you missed a mortgage payment because of a medical crisis or an unexpected disruption in your income due to a job loss or business failure. Next, you missed another and started trying to negotiate an arrangement with your mortgage lender to get you through your financial difficulties. Before long, you knew you were in trouble and now you see foreclosure on the horizon, moving toward you quickly.

What to do? Before you give in or lose hope, talk to a debt relief attorney who understands the urgency of your situation and is ready to take action accordingly. Struggling debtors in or near Harris County are welcome to contact Brian D. Williams in Spring to discuss ways of stopping foreclosure.

If you are able to resume mortgage payments but cannot catch up on the ones you missed, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may offer the right solution and let you keep your house. You may conclude that keeping your house and your mortgage is impractical, but a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may still offer the relief you need when you have fallen behind on payments and don't know how to get back on track.

Car repossession is another worry that leads many people to consult with a bankruptcy attorney. Whether you decide to keep the car (and reaffirm the loan) or let it go, a frank talk with Texas attorney Brian D. Williams can show you how to take the best path forward to stop repossession and take charge of your destiny again.

With an undergraduate degree in accounting and economics and professional experience as an accountant, Mr. Williams is prepared to guide you confidently through all aspects of the bankruptcy process.

Do You Want To Keep Your House And Car Although You Have Fallen On Hard Times? Let's Discuss How You Can Stop Foreclosure And Repossession.

Call 832-717-0678 or send an email message to request a consultation at your earliest convenience. Knowledge is power — and personalized legal advice is essential when your financial situation has become serious.

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