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Family law agreements and orders such as divorce or child custody agreements are typically built through the involved parties negotiating to secure a set of conditions that allow them to move forward with their lives. These agreements and orders are designed to be able to handle changing circumstances as time goes on.

When changes are beyond the scope of the agreement or order or if one party is not meeting his or her family law obligations, a person can ask the court for help either through a modification or an enforcement:

  • Modification — When there has been a material and substantial change in circumstances since an order or agreement was created, the court can modify the agreement or order. Common examples of situations that may call for a modification include a substantial change in income on the part of a parent who is responsible for child support.
  • Enforcement — When one party is not meeting his or her obligations, the other party can petition the court to take action to force compliance. The court can be asked to enforce conditions on any family law matter where there is a lack of compliance, including child custody, child support, spousal support/alimony and property division.

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At the Spring, Texas, law firm of Brian D. Williams, Attorney at Law, we are committed to helping our clients secure the modifications and enforcements they need. We know that for many people, their ability to lead the lives they want — and which they are entitled to — depends in part on the other party to a family law agreement or order living up to his or her obligations.

When one parent does not honor the parenting plan, it often hampers the other parent's ability to spend time with his or her child. When a parent is not paying the child support he or she should, a child may suffer. Brian Williams can help you secure the modification or enforcement you need to correct your situation.

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If you need modification or enforcement of a family law agreement or order, turn to a skilled and experienced attorney. Harris County support and custody modification attorney Brian D. Williams brings the experience and knowledge you need to make the right choices for your future. To schedule an initial consultation, call 832-717-0678 or contact Brian's office online.

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