About Brian D. Williams, Attorney At Law, In Spring, Texas

As a former accountant with a strong academic background in accounting and economics, Brian D. Williams offers clients value in a variety of legal practice areas with financial aspects such as bankruptcy, probate and property division in divorce.

Family Law

Mr. Williams brings years of experience to the table on behalf of clients facing divorce, child custody disputes and other family law matters. A divorce or other family law matter always has the potential to be extremely challenging. Having a skilled family law attorney by your side can help you manage the legal aspects with minimal chances for conflict to escalate. In case of an unavoidable dispute, as an experienced, attentive divorce attorney, Mr. Williams can keep you informed of your rights while advocating on your behalf in settlement negotiations, in mediation or at trial.

Debt Relief

Bankruptcy is another area of the law that affects many people who never expected to need legal help. With his accounting and economics background, Mr. Williams is well-prepared to evaluate your overall financial picture and provide the knowledgeable advice you need to get through bankruptcy and rebuild your credit.

Wills And Probate

Brian D. Williams, Attorney at Law, also guides clients in the selection and application of life management tools such as powers of attorney, wills and trusts. Harris County attorney Brian D. Williams has been providing his clients with the dedicated representation they deserve for more than 39 years. He understands what is at stake in probate and guardianship issues and is prepared to guide you capably through these and related legal challenges.

Assistant Linda Williams helps clients prepare for court by helping them understand what they will be facing.

Attorney Brian D. Williams Welcomes Your Inquiry Regarding Family Law Or Other Legal Matters

If you are seeking help with a family law, bankruptcy, will, guardianship or probate matter, contact Harris County, Texas, attorney Brian D. Williams. To schedule an initial consultation, call us at our Spring law offices at 832-717-0678 or email us.

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